Ten lessons from introducing an ESN

Much has been written about introducing an enterprise social network (ESN), you can find a plethora of case studies online from comms pros and suppliers all offering advice and guidance. But what’s the reality? What can go wrong? What works? Today Jessica Bull, @JessicaBull50, Corporate Communications Manager at Parliamentary ICT shares her experience in the form […]

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SMiLE and be ‘Appy – top tips from #SMiLElondon

Social Media inside the Large Enterprise by @simplycomm, part of Social Media Week London. Over 200 internal communicators joined the conference at the prestigious St Paul’s etc venue on 25th September. Many followed us virtually. The hashtag #SMiLELondon became trending topic in the UK.

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How the Commonwealth Games is using Yammer

How can you mobilise a troop of volunteers, ensure they have consistent information and involve them in a large-scale event such as the Commonwealth Games? You’re in the right place to find out. This week a new Yammer case study has emerged and it features the sporting event, which is currently taking place in Glasgow, […]

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Selfies help fuel Yammer success at Sovereign

There are countless examples online of how organisations are using enterprise social networks inside their companies to bring about positive changes to the way they work. Over the years I’ve featured numerous stories and highlighted the good, bad and ugly of “internal social media,” but today I’ve got a treat for you. I’m proud to […]

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If you give people freedom, they will amaze you

How do you get a job at Google? Is it true there are multiple interviews and you get asked questions like “describe pink to me” and “what would happen if you put a nickel in a blender?” Well the short answers are you need to be “Googley”, there are four interviews maximum and no, you […]

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Everything that is not shared is lost

The fourth SMiLE London – conference on Social Media in the Large Enterprise by simply-communicate (@simplycomm) – was held on March 17th. More than 200 delegates gathered at the prestigious St Paul’s Etc venues to hear some of the best ESNs stories. More than 2,000 tweets were shared on Twitter.

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ABB employees have 50,000 reasons to discover Yammer

If two is company and three is a crowd, 50,000 is one pretty large community. As of today, ABB employes now have 50,000 reasons to be on Yammer – and counting, fast. ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, the company employs 150,000 people and operates in approximately […]

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Video, and creating an impact (tremor) with your ESN

What happens when you encourage employees to become the stars of an advertising campaign and how can you use your enterprise social network to recruit them? You’re in the right place to find out. Tony Stewart, @TSDigi, (pictured) is International Internal Community Manager at NBCUniversal International. Here he writes for my blog to share what happens when […]

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Why invest in an enterprise social network?

IC pros – are you ready for your moment of glory? Virpi Oinonen @voinonen (pictured) writes for my blog to guide us through investing in an enterprise social network and the role of internal communicators – which she describes as being “a moment of glory.” She’s the author of  a brand new practical guide book Internal social networks the […]

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How to achieve social media strategy success

Are you working on a social media strategy for your organisation? Do you know where to start or are you looking for advice and guidance? I’ve just finished reading a book that centres around a framework and promises to offer “a unique and comprehensive end-to-end approach” – taking a company from the point of understanding […]

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How internal comms pros use social media – the results

Eighty five per cent of internal communication professionals say they are expected to have a ‘good understanding’ of social media and 89% think their professional use of social media will increase, according to research I’m publishing today. Last year I had four theories about how IC pros use social media: • Internal social networks often ‘just […]

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Comms pros gather and SMILE

On Monday 23 September around 150 internal comms professionals attended Social Media Inside the Large Enterprise (SMILE) that was hosted by simply-communicate at Prospero House in London, which was a great start to Social Media Week. I presented the findings from the research I undertook with the simply-communicate team to open the event and enjoyed hearing the […]

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