Research reveals collaboration is king

Collaboration is the most popular term to describe social media inside organisations, knowledge sharing is the main reason for introducing it and 70% of comms pros say their companies have welcomed, not blocked, internal social media. These findings form part of the results of a joint piece of research between simply-communicate and I. In this article […]

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What do you call internal social media?

What do you call internal social media in your company? Do you use the word ‘social’ or something else instead? Why? What are you aiming to achieve, do you have a policy in place and is your social strategy aligned with your business one? All of these questions form part of some internal communication research I […]

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Reasons for IC pros to SMILE

What do you call social media inside your organisation? Do you use the word ‘social’ or something else instead? What are you aiming to achieve from social tools and technologies, do you have a policy in place and what’s the benefit for corporate communication? The answer to these questions will be the building blocks of […]

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Clattering through the Chatter

Every week I receive messages from comms pros who are looking into using social media for internal communication. They typically have lots of questions, are hunting for ideas or want to know if I can work with them in an consulting capacity to offer advice and guidance on all things internal communication. The topic of […]

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It’s Yammer time…

Do you have or are you thinking of introducing Yammer into your organisation? Do you know how to use it, how do other people use Yammer for internal communication and are there any tips and best practice around? Queries about using Yammer as an option for an enterprise social network is one of the most […]

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Who’s using what for internal social media?

Over the years I’ve highlighted various examples of how companies are using enterprise social networks, collaborative tools and social media for internal communication. It’s a question I get asked constantly – who’s doing what, who’s using Chatter/Yammer and what can I learn from them? Where can I find examples, articles and case studies of enterprise […]

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Inspiring intranets are go!

What does your intranet look like? Are you proud of it or frustrated by the content? Where can you get some fresh ideas and insight and be rewarded for your efforts?Today I’m delighted to welcome Steve Bynghall @bynghall, who has written a guest article for my blog on all things intranet related. He’s a freelance […]

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Whose comms is it anyway?

Around 100 professional communicators gathered in London 17-18 April 2013 for Melcrum’s Digital Communication Summit #melcrumdcs.

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What I learnt at KredLDN

What do you get if you put a couple of hundred social media fans in a room? Answer: a lot of tweeting, whizzy gadgetry, business card swapping and fabulous shoes. Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Kred London Influencer Summit 2013, aka #kredLDN. In the incredibly (or should that be inKredibly?, sorry, first […]

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Why Use Enterprise Social Networks For Internal Communication?

The topic of Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) is a hot one this year and the heat looks set to increase. They are more than ‘internal Twitter/Facebook’ but are often described in that way to explain what they are for to people who haven’t heard of them before. I’ve written about them numerous times on my […]

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How do you use social media?

If you’re an internal comms professional working in-house in an organisation, I bet this sounds familiar… How do you use social media? Do I need to use social media in my personal life? Do internal comms pros need to blog? What is an enterprise social network? How can I use social media internally? What is […]

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Time to SMILE

Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) are everywhere; you can’t move in the comms world at the moment without coming across a seminar or training course about them. I’ve featured them a number of times on my blog and included an overview and explanation here. Do you want to read more about ESN? As ever I welcome your […]

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