Google your way to improved cross-location comms

How do you communicate with employees who are spread across multiple locations? Does technology have a role to play to enable you to do so successfully? Meghan Tiplady (pictured), Journalism Graduate turned Internal Communications Specialist has worked across private and public sector companies, helping to improve employee engagement and address communication issues. One common theme Meghan […]

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Using Google to communicate with all employees

Ensuring all employees have the ability to have two-way conversations with the business is a key priority for organisations, and rightly so. In the world of internal comms we use all kinds of terms for a part of our workforce – from frontline, to hard-to-reach, to remote workers, and it’s this group which often tangles […]

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How and why companies use social media internally

Why would you use social media inside your organisation? How does it work in reality? What are the benefits and key questions you need to consider when thinking it through? On 1 April I shared my thoughts on these topics, plus how internal communication is changing, plus the impact of technology on organisations, as a […]

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If you give people freedom, they will amaze you

How do you get a job at Google? Is it true there are multiple interviews and you get asked questions like “describe pink to me” and “what would happen if you put a nickel in a blender?” Well the short answers are you need to be “Googley”, there are four interviews maximum and no, you […]

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How to use Google for internal communication

A Tube strike is currently happening in London and where appropriate, many organisations have been giving their employees permission to work remotely rather than try and battle into the office. Today I spotted a note from Google via LinkedIn, who have been using the strikes to remind people of the opportunities that exist to work […]

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How Thomas Cook is using social media for recruitment

How are you using social media to attract and retain employees? Are you telling a consistent story internally and externally? Today I discovered how travel company Thomas Cook Group plc is using social media for recruitment and thought I’d share it with you. I’ve written about the company a couple of times in recent months, looking at […]

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How internal comms pros use social media

Nearly 90% of internal communications professionals say they are expected to have a ‘good understanding’ of social media and 93% think their professional use of social media will increase, according to research I’m publishing today. How internal comms professionals use social media was a survey that ran between 18 and 26 October 2012 via Diary […]

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Are you up to speed with social media?

You’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You’ve come across Google+, Digg and Pinterest, but what about Plurk, 4chan, Tangler and Banjo? Back in March 2009 I wrote an article for my blog as I came across the Conversation Prism by Brian Solis when I was writing a dissertation on social media’s role in internal […]

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What do comms pros think of Google+?

Last week Communicate Magazine hosted the last in its series of Google+ morning conferences. These took place from 5 – 14 March in Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester, with the final event, Google+ for Brands and Businesses in London on Wednesday 14 March. It focused on what could make Google+ stand out from the crowd: […]

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Coming full circle using Google+

Over the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with Google Plus and working out my own use for it. I’m always keen to try out new things and give them a fair go and whereas I didn’t get on with Quora, I’m finding Google+ to be a useful site. I was hesitant at first but […]

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