Why is tone of voice so important in corporate communication?

How can you create an effective tone of voice in your corporate comms? What does that mean? What does good look like? So many questions! But what are the answers? Today I have a guest post for you by Jaime Cox @compellingcopy_, she’s a freelance Copywriter and Editor, specialising in digital content. As well as […]

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A focus on all things IC from Mandy Pearse

Voting has opened in this year’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Presidential Election, which has led to a flurry of activity across social media. Candidates Mandy Pearse and Rachel Royall have set out their stalls and if you’re an eligible member, I encourage you to vote. I am one of Mandy’s 10 nominees, so […]

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Let’s ask more questions in IC

In the world of Internal Communications, you’re likely to question everything. Are colleagues really reading your newsletter? Is a video really the best way of conveying your message? Would this be better communicated face-to-face? I have a guest post for you today by Sophia Danielsson-Waters (known as Sia, see-ya, for short), she is the Colleague Engagement […]

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How poor communication can destroy employees’ trust

How trustworthy is the culture of your organisation? Do employees believe your leaders to be credible, trustworthy and authentic? How does the level of trust impact your company’s culture? Earlier this year I wrote about the latest Edelman Trust Barometer and how it revealed “My Employer” topped the 2019 barometer. Trust has changed profoundly in […]

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How to build your emotive brand

Are logos heroes or villains? If you work in internal comms, at some point, someone has likely asked you for a logo or to change or update your branding.  What do you say? I have frequently conversations about branding with my clients, from encouraging them to say no to additional logos, to plotting revised branding […]

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How to set up a Corporate Newsroom 

Do you have a Corporate Newsroom in your company? If not, would you like to know how to set one up? You’re in luck as I have a guest post for you today by Leah Bowden @humanizecomms, who is an in-house Head of Internal Comms, to discover everything you need to know. I’ll hand you […]

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How to equalise your parental leave benefits

Does your workplace have a paternity leave policy? Are you considering shared or equalised parental leave or adoption leave? This post features a company here in the UK that has made changes to its policies to benefit new parents. The National House Building Council (NHBC) has agreed that all employees will be entitled to take up […]

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How to use a podcast for internal communication

Are you using podcasts inside your organisation? They have had a huge surge in popularity and are rapidly growing. But are they the latest shiniest thing (or “comms bling” as I call it) or something we need to seriously consider? Deloitte has just wrapped season one of The Green Room podcast, led by Internal Comms […]

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How to plan your Internal Comms budget

Are you responsible for the Comms budget in your company? How do you plan and how do you measure what you do? Today I have a guest post to help you know what other professional communicators are doing and an invitation to participate in a survey. The article has been written by Anthony Bernard-Sasges, Specialist in Research […]

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Why CIPR Inside are changing the conversation about Internal Comms

Are you tired of having the same conversations about Internal Comms? Today I have news of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ (CIPR) upcoming conference for IC pros. The CIPR Inside annual conference is back with a bang and time is running out to secure your ticket at the early bird rate. It is focusing […]

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How to communicate wellbeing in an organisation

Are you helping to save lives? Attract students? Make roads? Sell stuff? It doesn’t matter what your company does – every sector needs to prioritise the health and happiness of their workforce. Not just physical health, but their mental health too. And this is finally being talked about, and written about. A lot. I invited […]

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How to make Internal Communications add up

One of my favourite IC quotes in recent years comes courtesy of Comms Consultant Liam FitzPatrick: Come with data and leave with respect. In fact I mentioned it at my Strategic Internal Communication Masterclass on Tuesday as it resonates with me. Today Liam has written for the All Things IC blog to share news of […]

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