A snackable snippet about IC strategy

Thank you to the super creative team at Alive With Ideas for sharing a brand new image online today. Their popular snackable snippets series has been designed to help internal communicators discover new books. Today it’s mine, Internal Communication Strategy: design, develop and transform your organizational communication, under the spotlight. It is hot off the […]

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Podcast: How to use insights in internal communication

How do you use insights in your internal communication? In this episode of the Candid Comms podcast, I examine why insights can be useful. Insights are the second stage of The MILLER Framework – what we know about an organisation and its people. We examine what they are, how to use them and what they […]

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Podcast: How to create an internal communication vision

Do you have an internal communication vision in your organisation? What would yours say if you created one today? In this episode of the Candid Comms podcast, I examine why a vision can be useful and how to write one. I’ve also shared an example with you, which is taken from my book, Internal Communication […]

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Podcast: How to improve your IC channels

Do you know the purpose of each of your internal communication channels? Why does each one exist? Who owns them? Why is it important to know the purpose of each channel? What should you do when you discover comms methods that aren’t ‘owned’ by an IC team? What options are there when completing a channels […]

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Podcast: How to make your first IC role a success

Today’s episode of my Candid Comms podcast examines how to make your first internal communication role a success. Whether you’re just starting out in internal communication, want to recruit to your team or make a move into IC, this episode is for you. I’ve looked at: What does it mean to work in internal communication? […]

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It’s all in your head: knowledge management and internal communication

Last week I had the pleasure of working alongside an Employee Comms team to host a bespoke day for them. During the course of our conversations I touched on the topic of knowledge management. We rarely discuss it in the wonderful world of internal communication. However, there’s amazing opportunities to be had when you unlock […]

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