Podcast: How to lead internal communication and set standards

How do you lead internal communication in your organisation? What does standard setting look like? What operating model do you have in place? This episode of my Candid Comms podcast examines the leadership part of The MILLER Framework. It also touches on logistics, when discussing standards. I examine: What operating models mean for IC How […]

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The power of you

Are you thinking of becoming a Comms Consultant? How do you know if the time is right? What would your core offering be? Perhaps it would be change communication and you’d help leaders communicate brilliantly with their teams. Or maybe communicating with hard to reach employee groups inspires and motivates you, and you’ve developed techniques […]

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How to advise hesitant leaders

Back at the start of the year I was heading home from working with one of my international clients. I boarded a plane in Dublin, Ireland, bound for Heathrow. There was only one other person in my row and we struck up a conversation. I discovered it was Shari McDaid, @ShariMcDaid, CEO of Mental Health Reform, […]

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How to communicate with empathy

If I asked you to describe the way your organisation communicates, what are the top three words you’d use? Would empathetic, compassionate and values-led (I know that’s two words), be on your list? Think about it from an employees’ perspective. What would their words be? If you’ve never done that exercise before, I encourage you […]

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Why leaders need to serve

How capable are your leaders? How can you help them prepare to serve? I’m so disappointed by last night’s England football result in the World Cup, but full of admiration for the impeccable leadership qualities displayed by Coach Gareth Southgate. His genuineness and way he embraces each player is something to be commended. Here is a […]

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Leaders eat last…

Are you willing to sacrifice the people to save the numbers, or the numbers to save the people? Only one makes you a leader. Simon Sinek @simonsinek recently presented a keynote presentation at Vistage UK 25 Years Conference. He talked around the themes of his latest book Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t. […]

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Why organisations need to live their values

Does your organisation live by its values? Are they relevant to the day-to-day working lives of employees or are they paying lip service to an ideal world that is very far from your reality? Last week I saw on Twitter that a business breakfast was being held in London to discuss value based leadership, with […]

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Why blog or tweet? An NHS leader shares his view

Professional communicators spend hours influencing and persuading their stakeholders and business partners. One conversation which has become increasingly popular is the importance of senior management regularly communicating with employees, particularly through social media. I’ve lost count of the number of articles I’ve  come across which focus on top tips for internal communicators to help them […]

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