How to communicate change – my talk from last week

How good is your organisation at communicating change? Do you get locked into a tactical cycle of being brought in at the last-minute or are you working as a trusted adviser, championing effective internal communication at every stage? On Tuesday I had the pleasure of speaking with 350 professional communicators at the Public Service Communications […]

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The latest employee engagement evidence

How do you measure employee engagement? If your 2017 plans include increasing your knowledge of employee engagement and finding examples of who’s doing what, you’re in the right place. I’ve blogged about the topic numerous times over the past eight years, and will share lots of resources at the end of this article. Earlier this […]

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A focus on: All things employee engagement

What is employee engagement? How does it work, where can you learn more about it and does it actually matter? Every week I am contacted by internal communicators who are interested in knowing my thoughts about engagement and looking for information. So I thought I’d collate everything I’ve published about it to date for you […]

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Tips on employee engagement for leaders

What advice do you offer the leaders in your organisation when it comes to employee engagement? Are you coaching and advising them? What are the challenges you face? Regular readers of my blog will know that I write a lot about the relevance and importance of employee engagement. Today I’m going to share some information […]

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The secret sauce of business success

Employee engagement is the secret sauce of business success… have you got the bottle for it? This fairly provocative title is tied into a new toolkit I discovered today. The topic of employee engagement is a hot one. It has been for a while and the heat looks set to increase. I often write about it […]

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How to engage for success

The Engage for Success movement continues to go from strength to strength and there is a wealth of resources available at your fingertips. If you are looking for guidance to help you navigate through all things employee engagement related, you’re in luck as the opportunities and information are limitless. I’m going to guide you through […]

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Milan Social Media Week: Italy gets engaged

Social Media Week is taking place around the globe for the next seven days and a very special event is happening in Milan tomorrow as part of it. A few months ago I was invited to detail Engage for Success on PR Conversations by content editor, Judy Gombita. (She was one of the original contributors when Toni […]

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The impact of internal comms in 2012

So this is Christmas, and what you have you done? I’m not going to get any more of the John Lennon song in your head as there are enough festive songs around at the moment to last us a lifetime… Grab a cuppa and join me on a short journey through what impacted the world […]

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Engaging workplaces for a sustainable future

On Monday scores of people working on and interested in employee engagement came together for an Engage for Success conference called Engaging Workplaces for a Sustainable Future. The event aimed to bring together practitioners, policymakers and academics to debate and discuss how employee engagement can contribute to ensuring the sustainable performance of organisations. It was a collaboration […]

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Engagement comes to town

Today saw a major event in the life of the Engage for Success movement as practitioners gathered in London. The Queen Elizabeth II Conference centre in Westminster played host to the packed room of people working on and interested in employee engagement. I’ve been following today via the #e4s hashtag on Twitter and am looking […]

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The echo of conversations

Chartered Institute of Public Relations brought together internal communications (IC) professionals at the Kia Oval, London, for their annual IC conference #CIPRInside. Topic: Putting employees first

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Employee engagement – the evidence

Today is a key date in the calendars of internal communications professionals and for anyone interested in or working on employee engagement. From now you have access to a fantastic wealth of information and data to equip you to have informed conversations about employee engagement within your organisation. I’m going to highlight some of this information […]

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