How to work out loud

In school we were taught to shield our work and keep our thinking to ourselves. In the workplace we are encouraged to collaborate and communicate with peers. This mindset shift has been expanded on by a practice called Working Out Loud. Yesterday I was a guest speaker at a Masters in Internal Communication course. As […]

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Listen to social media’s role in internal comms

Employee networks are 10 times bigger than corporate networks and are enhanced through the use of authentic employee voice. In other words, if your people are sharing information about their workplace via social media with their friends and family, there’s more chance of it being seen and read. Plus it’s perceived to be real compared […]

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Biz Stone awarded CIPR President’s Medal

Today the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has revealed superstar entrepreneur and one of my personal heroes, Biz Stone, has been awarded the CIPR President’s Medal. Biz (pictured) has had a glittering career to date helping people communicate effectively. He’s the founder and CEO of Super.Me, co-founder of Twitter and also helped build Jelly, Medium, […]

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Musings on mice, men and social media at Muir

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. How can a housing association train its employees and embed its values when using social media? Muir Group Housing Association in the UK has been in the business of providing affordable housing to those in housing need for the last 47 years. Here […]

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The ultimate social network cheat sheet

What size image should you use as your Facebook cover photo? What works best on LinkedIn? How long do posts last on Snapchat? You’re in the right place to find out. Every day I am contacted by people wanting to share their articles, recommendations, courses and content with readers of my blog. The majority of the […]

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Determination to #FindAlice sustains my community

The past 11 days have been extraordinary for everyone living in my hometown of Hanwell, West London, UK. Last week I wrote about how we have been united via social media in the hunt for Alice Gross, 14, who went missing on 28 August. Two men were arrested on suspicion of murder; a 25-year-old man […]

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Greggs shows how to salvage a potential PR disaster

An offensive logo of Greggs the Bakers went viral today. In true social media solitude, Greggs @Greggsthebaker and Google @GoogleUK came to a resolution, publicly and amusingly. Good work…

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How to measure the effectiveness of social media

Today a new initiative has been launched to measure the impact of social media communications. The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), the global trade body and professional institute for agencies and practitioners who provide media evaluation and communication research, has unveiled a user guide and social media measurement frameworks. They were […]

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Episode six of my internal comms podcast is now live

Welcome to episode six of FIR presents All Things IC with Rachel Miller. On the last Tuesday of each month I publish a podcast focusing on internal communication as part of the For Immediate Release (FIR) podcast network. Based on feedback from IC pros, I record 20-30 minutes of content each month. You can find a […]

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Where do you work?

When asked where do you work, what is your answer? The majority of people would, of course, reply with the name of the organisation/s that pay their salary. However, where do you actually work? At what hours of the day are you at your most productive and what conditions are the best ones for you […]

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Everything that is not shared is lost

The fourth SMiLE London – conference on Social Media in the Large Enterprise by simply-communicate (@simplycomm) – was held on March 17th. More than 200 delegates gathered at the prestigious St Paul’s Etc venues to hear some of the best ESNs stories. More than 2,000 tweets were shared on Twitter.

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How Africa Tweets…

How does Africa Tweet? Not a question I bet you’ve asked yourself much, but thanks to new information released today, you can get some insight into how a continent communicates. I’m doing some consultancy work at the moment for one of my clients, looking specifically at communication in Africa, so I have found it particularly […]

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