Who am I now?

Back in 2017, I published an article called ‘Who am I?’ by values expert Jackie Le Fèvre. Today, five-and-a-half years since writing that first piece, Jackie, who is now Dr Le Fèvre after successfully completing her PhD this year, is back. Here she writes for the All Things IC blog to reflect and pose some […]

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Podcast: How to communicate your company’s values

What are your company’s values? Do you have a consistent way of communicating them? Do they feel like words on the wall rather than lived behaviours? The 14th episode of the Candid Comms podcast is out now and packed with practical ideas and inspirational advice, to help internal communicators thrive in their role. It covers: Why […]

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The Secret in the Lockers – a gratitude initiative at NHS Digital

I have a really special guest post to share with you today. I think it’s the best thing I’ve read all year. It’s a tale of hope, kindness, values and looking ahead with a positive mindset. It’s the tonic I needed to read and I can’t wait for you to experience it too. Thank you […]

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How can you help your organisation live its values?

Do you have values in your organisation? Are they words on the wall or lived behaviours? Today I have a guest post for you by Sara Vogt, @_saravogt, Deputy Director, Corporate Communications at the Ministry of Justice here in the UK, who is here to share what the MoJ has been doing when it comes to […]

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How to prepare for World Values Day

World Values Day is on Thursday 17 October 2019. It’s an opportunity to think about your most deeply held values and act on them. Staying true to our values and acting on them has never been more important and this year’s core theme is Values and Wellbeing. Hot on the heels of the CIPR Inside […]

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How to refresh a company’s values

Have you been tasked with refreshing your company’s values? Do you know where to start? Today I have a guest post for you by Sam Boniface, Internal Communications Manager for NHBC. An ex-journalist, she made the move to the comms world 10 years ago and has since worked in both agency and in-house roles, more recently […]

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The benefits of values-based communication

How can you have values-based communication in your organisation? Today I have a guest post by values expert Jackie Le Fevre, @magmaeffect, to share with you. Regular readers of my blog will know I enjoy reading the pearls of wisdom Jackie offers, and she’s here with a reflective piece. I’ll hand you over… The benefits […]

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How to prepare for World Values Day 2018

World Values Day is on Thursday 18 October 2018. It’s an opportunity to think about your most deeply held values and act on them. Staying true to our values and acting on them has never been more important. This year’s core theme is about putting our values into action in our communities. This article is packed […]

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Why Missguided launched cultural vibes as values

I have a crush on a brand. Over the past year I’ve been watching the Missguided Twitter feeds and LinkedIn updates from employees and marvelling at the way they communicate. If you think internal communication has to be corporate and stuffy, think again. Prepare yourself for unicorns, hashtags and lots of Millennial pink. From their […]

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Mencap shows how to successfully launch a BIG plan

What a day we all had to launch our new five year plan and values. We were even trending on Twitter! Here are some highlights.

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Why organisations need to live their values

Does your organisation live by its values? Are they relevant to the day-to-day working lives of employees or are they paying lip service to an ideal world that is very far from your reality? Last week I saw on Twitter that a business breakfast was being held in London to discuss value based leadership, with […]

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