Whose comms is it anyway?

Around 100 professional communicators gathered in London 17-18 April 2013 for Melcrum’s Digital Communication Summit #melcrumdcs.

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How Gatwick Airport uses Yammer

What does it take to have an award-winning internal social media campaign? Who is using Yammer well and what are the secrets to their success? You’re in the right place to find out. Gatwick is the world’s biggest single runway airport and the UK’s second busiest airport. Its internal communication team used Yammer to communicate […]

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Why Use Enterprise Social Networks For Internal Communication?

The topic of Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) is a hot one this year and the heat looks set to increase. They are more than ‘internal Twitter/Facebook’ but are often described in that way to explain what they are for to people who haven’t heard of them before. I’ve written about them numerous times on my […]

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10 reasons why internal comms pros should participate in social media

Regular readers of my blog will know that one of my favourite topics in the broad spectrum of internal communication is social media. Specifically, highlighting how companies are using it successfully for internal comms, sharing my thoughts and advice on the subject and responding to your feedback. From today I’m now publishing a regular monthly […]

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What you’ve been reading this year

Tweet-offs, internal social media and the role of leaders when it comes to blogging and tweeting have been some of the hot topics on my blog this year. Thank you to everyone who contributed, commented or read content via my website over the past 12 months. I’ve just been analysing my stats for this year and […]

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How internal comms pros use social media

Nearly 90% of internal communications professionals say they are expected to have a ‘good understanding’ of social media and 93% think their professional use of social media will increase, according to research I’m publishing today. How internal comms professionals use social media was a survey that ran between 18 and 26 October 2012 via Diary […]

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How do you use social media?

If you’re an internal comms professional working in-house in an organisation, I bet this sounds familiar… How do you use social media? Do I need to use social media in my personal life? Do internal comms pros need to blog? What is an enterprise social network? How can I use social media internally? What is […]

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Diary from the Melcrum summit – day two

Following on from his report from day one of the Melcrum summit, I’m going to hand over to Steven Murgatroyd for, you’ve guessed it, his report on day two of the event that took place in London last week. Steve is Internal Comms and Social Media Manager at KCOM Group and is based in Leeds, […]

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Do they ‘like’ it?

How do you measure the impact of your internal social networks? What does success look like within your organisation when it comes to social media? Tony Stewart is Internal Comms Executive at Aviva Investors and he shared his thoughts on how Yammer is being used within the company with readers of Diary of an internal […]

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Time to SMILE

Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) are everywhere; you can’t move in the comms world at the moment without coming across a seminar or training course about them. I’ve featured them a number of times on my blog and included an overview and explanation here. Do you want to read more about ESN? As ever I welcome your […]

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Keep calm… it’s internal comms

I like the keep calm posters.  There I’ve said it. There’s something about the design that makes me smile, and I’m interested in the history behind it. There was a keep calm and carry on poster in the labour ward of the hospital I was in four months ago, just before my daughter was born, […]

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A bumper crop of comms resources

Where can you read articles on introducing social media within an organisation, rolling out new values, working as a freelancer, using storytelling to inspire employees and demonstrating gravitas in internal comms? The answer is right here, on this page. Over the three and half years I’ve had my blog for, I’ve written hundreds of articles […]

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