The changing role of Internal Communication

Today I ran my latest Strategic Internal Communication Masterclass and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the professional communicators in the room sharing thoughts, asking questions and talking about the reality of their roles.

You can see the group pictured below, they’re a smart bunch and provided me with lots of food for thought. My brain is still buzzing from our conversations (which is why I’m online blogging so late).

On the eve of All Things IC turning six-years-old, I’ve been reflecting on how I was feeling on this date in 2013 and my uncertainty about what was ahead. I discussed this time with Katie Macaulay recently in her new The Internal Comms Podcast.

Thank you to everyone who has got in touch to give me feedback on this episode. It’s the most revealing interview I’ve given to date and included conversations about the role of IC pros, how I discovered the world of Internal Comms, plus thoughts on being a business owner and a Mummy.

You can hear our conversation below and online:

Providing solutions to problems

What I was offering when I launched All Things IC on 31 January 2013 is poles apart from what I’m doing now. As a Consultant, I’ve had to constantly listen to what IC practitioners are grappling with and make sure I’m providing solutions to the problems they have. It keeps me on my toes and I love coming up with bigger and better ideas to help IC pros to thrive. The Online Masterclasses I’m currently working on are an example of that evolution.

If you fail to evolve and recognise the role of IC pros has changed and continues to change, it’s easy to get left behind. That’s true whether you’re in-house or a Consultant.

On Monday I ran my latest Exploration Masterclass which I’ve designed to allow in-house practitioners to come and think through their next career move. You can explore the idea of being an Internal Comms Consultant in a confidential environment, ask me anything and figure out whether it could be for you. (I don’t take photographs of those ones to protect the confidential nature).

My thanks to Andy Macleod of VMA Group for coming as my special guest to that session to share his insight on the current Interim market and offer advice and guidance to my Masterclass attendees.

Monkey Business

Our role as IC pros has shifted significantly in recent times. I’ve discussed this topic in an interview with Filza Naveed of Contact Monkey, which went live today. Through the course of our conversation we touched on topics such as mental health, technological disruptions and much more.

The interview formed part of their new Monkey Business series, which I recommend checking out as there are lots of interviews with IC pros in there that are useful to read.

See the Contact Monkey website to read our whole interview.

How has your role changed? What changes are you experiencing? Do you feel like you are keeping up or being left behind?

As ever, you’re welcome to comment below or Tweet me @AllthingsIC.

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Post author: Rachel Miller.

First published on the All Things IC blog 30 January 2019.

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