The express way to engagement…

Today I have news of a brand new employee engagement podcast to share with you.

It’s been created by Comms Consultant Kate Isichei of Where To Look Comms and is three episodes in. She’s here to tell us what we can expect and the thinking behind the show.

If you want to learn more about employee engagement, see the resources at the end of this article.

I’ll hand you over to Kate…

The express way to engagement…

A few months back, before the pandemic hit the UK, I started thinking about my experience, accumulated over many years working with multinational organisations but not just my experience. I also thought deeply about my legacy. I thought about the footprints that I would leave behind for my children and how I could create a positive and enduring mark.

That’s when I started thinking about creating a platform to showcase my skills and knowledge. One that I could steer and control and one which would also give engagement professionals, like me, an opportunity to have a voice and to get that voice heard.

I arrived upon podcasts only recently and started to really enjoy the discussions that I was listening to which, in turn, helped feed my creativity and inspired me to think about how I could add to this landscape.

The topic of ‘Engagement’ is an intriguing one and extremely broad but so often alluded to as being the sole domain of internal communication professionals which is a heavy burden to carry because engagement encompasses much more than just internal comms; although internal comms is one of the large pieces of the engagement puzzle.

Engagement Express
I came up with the idea of Engagement Express as a podcast series to support HR, engagement and internal communication professionals as well as CEOs, within SMEs, to get inspiration and tips on how to move the engagement dial in the right direction.

Episodes are a mixture of monologues and interviews with the former lasting less than 15 minutes – so easy to squeeze in during your working day or at the end of the working day. Interviews are longer at approximately 35-40 minutes for a more in-depth exploration of engagement initiatives.  A new show will be released every two weeks.

I am keen for Engagement Express to be a reference point for professionals who are responsible for driving engagement in organisations and so eager to hear from Talent Acquisition leads, Chief HR Officers, Internal Communication and Engagement leads.

The podcast is new and so I would love to receive feedback on the content and guests featured so far. Please listen, rate and subscribe to help build awareness and understanding of engagement so organisations can make the most of the tools and resources they already have to effect change and move the engagement dial in the right direction.

Engagement Express is featured on Apple podcasts and Spotify as well as other podcast platforms like Stitcher and iHeartRadio. Contact me to find out more:

Thank you Kate, best of luck with your podcast. You can find it here and below:

You can also find Kate on LinkedIn.

Find out more about employee engagement via the All Things IC blog

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