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We can help you build on what you already know, translating years of experience into training for you or your team. All Things IC has trained 2500 Comms professionals via Online and in person Masterclasses.

We’ve taught bespoke sessions for companies including the BBC, NHS, LEGO, NATO, Coca-Cola, Ferrero, TfL, Harrods, British Business Bank, The Guardian, HSE and the British Red Cross.

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Online Masterclasses

Would you like to access comprehensive and easy-to-use training at a time that suits you?

Our All Things IC Online Masterclasses will help you feel confident in your abilities, dive into relevant topics and give you the tools, techniques and know-how to apply what you learn straight away.

They’re packed with videos, workbooks and surveys. Plus there’s VIP options where you can submit your work for personalised feedback from Rachel.

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Team training

We’ll take time to understand what you want to achieve and design bespoke training that works for you. You’ll leave armed with fresh ideas and confidence.

You’ll know what to say and what to do and we’ll spark ideas that will help you continue learning beyond your training. You’ll be excited to get back to work and put your learning into action. Your colleagues will notice the difference immediately.

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Are you a professional communicator in need of a knowledge or confidence boost?

Perhaps you’re curious about comms theory and trends, but struggle to find the time to learn.

Our popular in-person Masterclasses at the All Things IC Hub in London provide a confidential space where Comms pros can ask questions, get help and meet others.

Attendees say they leave feeling inspired, motivated, full of ideas and ready to turn plans into action.

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Who has hired All Things IC?

Clients say working with All Things IC leaves them feeling inspired, motivated, full of ideas and ready to turn plans into action.

We’re proud to have been invited to work with, and advise, some of the world’s leading brands.

What people say about All Things IC

A great day discussing a huge range of topics with other mid/senior comms professionals. Rachel is warm, funny and has a huge amount of knowledge she’s happy to pass on. Highly recommended.

Alison Giroux


What people say about All Things IC

Rachel’s Mastermind class gives you a rare opportunity to define and dig into your biggest IC challenge, in a safe space, with other experienced IC professionals. It allows you to delve deep into the issue, understand the reasons behind it, and come away with practical ideas and tangible actions that you can use to move forward. The day will give you the space to support you but also you will meet others who you will get to know and you can support them. I highly recommend it. New friends, a lovely space, time to grow, great ideas and some lovely tools and treats to take away as well. What’s not to love.

Jess Noble


What people say about All Things IC

I came away from the Strategic Internal Communication workshop armed with so much more that I expected I would. Rachel’s extensive and invaluable knowledge and the way she shares this knowledge with everyone in the room was great. Rachel is very approachable and experienced, so that’s a win-win situation.

Saskia Dornan

Head of IC, Virgin Group

What people say about All Things IC

It’s hard to put into words without sounding cheesey but the strategic comms masterclass was some of the best training I’ve ever recieved. Some times with these things you have moments of “I’ve heard that before” or “I’m already doing that” but I can honestly say that even if there was something familiar to me, Rachel approached it in a whole new way that challenged my thinking on it. I was made to feel both reassured that I’m doing all the “right” things but also pushed to think about whether they’re working and to consider new approaches and ideas. Rachel has such an easygoing way that is really inclusive and involves everyone, so you feel comfortable sharing your own experiences. She offers lots of solutions, ideas and advice too.

Sam Boniface


What people say about All Things IC

The course covers a lot of ground but I didn’t feel rushed through or like I was being bombarded with information at any point – in fact Rachel was really good at giving us the time and freedom to talk around each topic while always managing to stay on track with the content! The tools and resources that Rachel leaves you with are invaluable and I’m already planning how to use some of them! I left the masterclass with a notebook full of notes, loads of postcards of ‘bright ideas’ and a renewed enthusiasm for making the comms in my workplace all that’s it’s meant to be!

Sam Boniface


What people say about All Things IC

Rachel’s experience and style is integral to how motivational this masterclass is. I left feeling equipped and supported to do my very best by our profession. The small group number is also really great as everyone gets to exchange and learn from one another.

Jen Robinson

Internal Communications Manager, Sheffield Hallam University

What people say about All Things IC

Rachel is an inspiring, yet totally down-to-earth, expert communicator and trainer. Her Masterclass is a must for any existing or aspiring IC professional, at any level!

Internal Comms team, GVC

What people say about All Things IC

I really enjoyed working with Rachel, who delivered a bespoke masterclass to our Internal Communications team in 2018. From the outset she was professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and continued in that vein throughout the project.
She spent time getting to know our organisation through conversations, and reviewing documents and examples of our work and approach, meaning that she was able to personalise our masterclass and help us address some of our challenges. I’m sure these aren’t a million miles away from those faced by the other communicators, but as she was speaking in our languages and terms, it made it feel much more personal. It was clear that she had taken the time to really understand what we were looking to get out of the masterclass.
Her insight into trends and best practice was incredibly useful and has given us food for thought and some steps we can take to improve what we do.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rachel, and hope we can work together in the future.

Joanne Loerns

Internal Communications Business Partner, Aon

What people say about All Things IC

We hosted an internal communication workshop and Rachel was our guest speaker. I needed an expert who could lead the session and give guidance on numerous communication challenges. She didn’t disappoint! Her passion and commitment for communication excellence is truly inspiring and the attendees left buzzing with ideas and excitement.

Jessica Hemmings

Internal Communications Manager, Harrods

What people say about All Things IC

We worked with Rachel on a training session for our team and peers in other business areas. The session was engaging and a really good whistlestop tour of what’s new/trends in the sector. Rachel is incredibly personable, she’s also very generous in opening up her network and connecting you with other Comms pros.She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise which is coupled with a very likeable manner. I look forward to working with Rachel again in the future.

Rayna Miller

Head of Employee Engagement

What people say about All Things IC

Thank you for an amazing day Rachel Miller. A great opportunity for the team and really excited for the months ahead and implementing all the advice you have provided.

Dan Holden

Senior Internal Communications Officer, Which?

What people say about All Things IC

Excellent opportunity to meet with like minded people, learn and remember my passion!

Elke Sanz

What people say about All Things IC

The Exploration Masterclass was really useful to help me explore the possibility of becoming a consultant. Rachel is very open and honest about her experiences, making this Masterclass personal and friendly – there’s no judging in the room that’s for sure! I left the day feeling inspired for future potentials in my internal comms career.

Penelope Le Kelly

What people say about All Things IC

Thank you for a wonderful bespoke Masterclass, the team are buzzing!

Sasha Watson

VP Employee Experience, ARM

What people say about All Things IC

Rachel was a fabulous teacher. She helped boost the confidence in my abilities with theory and best practice, giving me lots of good ideas to take back to my organisation. Thank you Rachel for creating a safe space to learn and grow!

Aaron Cranfield


What people say about All Things IC

I came away completely buzzing with inspiration and ideas and happy that I’d had the space to take a step back and think creatively about what we’re doing and why. Having time to think and reflect always feels like a bit of a luxury but it’s so important. Thank you Rachel for a brilliant day.

Alison Robinson

Internal Communications Officer, Birketts LLP

What people say about All Things IC

The Masterclass was extremely useful and inspiring! I went home with lots of ideas and I will certainly use all the tips that Rachel has given us! Thank you Rachel, for your enthusiasm and sharing all your stories and experience.

Carla Yperlaan

Greystar Europe Holdings Ltd

What people say about All Things IC

Through this Momentum Masterclass, Rachel creates a totally confidential yet honest environment to explore our individual business opportunities and proposition. Her insight, gleaned from her years in the business, and the advice from others was invaluable and I left with a head full of ideas and a notebook full of actions. Thank you Rachel!

Ceri Aiken

What people say about All Things IC

This class is a must for anyone working in internal comms that needs some support, is finding their organisation isn’t realising the need for effective internal comms or if you need a refresher and inspiration. Highly recommended.

Helen Sadler


What people say about All Things IC

Already using tools from yesterday’s Internal Comms Masterclass! At a meeting I used “what do you want people to do/say/think/feel as a result of this campaign?” and not only did it provide an excellent structure, it made me feel much more confident and in control.

Claire Bridge


What people say about All Things IC

This course provides relevant practical insights and Rachel is a lovely trainer, also giving participants a chance to discuss their very own challenges and ideas. Thank you for a really interesting and beneficial day!

Eva Gotthardt


What people say about All Things IC

I can highly recommend this Exploration Masterclass. Going solo is a big step and slightly scary. Spending some time with Rachel really helped me to get my head in the right place to take the first steps towards becoming an independent practitioner.

Martin Flegg

What people say about All Things IC

Rachel is warm, welcoming and easy to learn from. The content is detailed, thorough and relevant with loads of research, models and theory to draw on. Rachel creates an open, learning environment where there’s no such thing as a stupid question. I’m so glad I listened to her podcast and booked on the course. I’ve learned loads and been introduced to a lovely network of like-minded IC people. Thanks Rachel!

Helen Trueman


What people say about All Things IC

Rachel’s knowledge and passion for internal comms is brilliant and extremely infectious, I left the masterclass with a renewed love for what I do. Having always worked in the public sector, I’ve attended training and networking in the past where the trainers and facilitators have no idea about the pressures of working in a communications team which has no budget, or very limited one at best. Rachel had a wealth of knowledge which is applicable to all sectors which is both engaging and encouraging. Thank you, I hope to attend more of Rachel’s classes in the future.

Kelly Cadman

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

What people say about All Things IC

The IC Masterclass was the best professional development session I have been to for internal communications. Rachel has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge and leaves you full of ideas and inspiration. You leave the day with theories, principles, models, real life examples and a fab little goodie bag. I have come back to my office, buzzing with ideas, and I can’t wait to put everything into action and spread the word to my team and colleagues.

Shelby Loasby

University of Hertfordshire