We offer a range of training courses for in-house internal communicators.

Masterclasses are taught by Rachel Miller, Caroline Cubbon-King or Dan Holden, either in-person or virtually via Teams.

Options for IC pros include:

Masterclasses and Masterminds, which are taught in-person or remotely via Teams.

90-minute Masterclasses, which are taught remotely via Teams.

We can hire venues for in-person Masterclasses, or teach on site if you have a suitable office space.

We also offer Team Training days and bespoke face-to-face or virtual sessions.

90-minute Masterclasses

Save your place today on a 90-minute Masterclass in March and April including:

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90-minute Masterclasses in May 2024

Save your place today on a 90-minute Masterclass:

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90-minute Masterclasses in June and July

All our 90-minute Masterclasses are delivered via Teams including:

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Virtual Masterminds

When was the last time you spent time with other internal communicators?  People who could be facing the same challenges as you?  

Our two-hour Virtual Masterminds, delivered via Teams, are an opportunity for you to get help with something you’re stuck on from people who know what it’s like to be in your shoes.  

You will work in a small group of around five people, supported by an All Things IC Consultant.

Discover more on how internal communicators can benefit from Masterminds.

Why learn with All Things IC?

Does it feel like everyone has their strategy sorted, effective channels in place and excellent leadership communication?

We’ll let you into a secret – that’s rarely the case!

If you feel like this, you’re not alone. You’re advising your organisation, but we know you also need a safe space to ask for help and learn. 

If you’d like to do so while expanding your network, our Masterclasses and Masterminds are for you. If you are outside of the UK, please contact us for a payment link.

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Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

All Things IC Live is the event that we have been missing in the internal comms industry. I’m delighted that Rachel and her team developed and delivered something for internal comms professionals to connect, learn and be inspired in a meaningful and engaging way. I truly hope this event becomes a regular on the calendar - you won’t be able to keep me away!

Suzanne Dellmann

Head of Colleague Engagement, Corporate Brand Communications, The LEGO Group

Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

I really enjoyed the Strategic Internal Communications Masterclass in 2023. It provided me with so many useful insights and learnings, and was so valuable to spend time with other internal communications colleagues and be able to learn from each other and share ideas. Thank you so much Rachel for a fantastic masterclass!

Claire Cunningham

Internal Communications and Engagement Manager, Supporting Education Group

Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive when I first joined the Inner Circle, but from the very first session my fears were allayed and I quickly felt at ease in the group. The format actively encourages vulnerability and I have hugely benefitted from hearing other perspectives and have drawn from the rich experience of a small but perfectly formed group of highly experienced communications practitioners working across a range of sectors. Rachel and the All Things IC team excellently facilitate the Mastermind sessions, offering their insights and wisdom when required as well as generously sharing relevant resources.

Mark Dorey

Assistant Director of Communications and Engagement (Community), University of Leeds

Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

Being part of the Inner Circle for six months was brilliant. A regular 'safe-space' to talk things through with peers was so helpful. From a simple sense-check to trying to solve knottier problems that other's have tackled was incredibly valuable.

Charlotte O'Reilly

Head of Internal Communications and Engagement, British Red Cross

Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

Brilliant course! Rachel is a real expert in her field and her passion for internal communications really comes through. I left feeling empowered and armed with new tools and approaches.

Natalie Idehen

Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

Spending a day with Rachel is the equivalent of reading loads of books or attending several conferences. With her vast experience she’s able to cut through the noise and point to the things she feels are most relevant. It was a great day, I highly recommend the course and have immediately put my knowledge into action. I look forward to signing up to another one!

Martin Stubbs-Partridge

Scottish Natural Heritage

Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

Rachel was a fabulous teacher. She helped boost the confidence in my abilities with theory and best practice, giving me lots of good ideas to take back to my organisation. Thank you Rachel for creating a safe space to learn and grow!

Aaron Cranfield


Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

Rachel’s knowledge, experience and evident passion for internal communications makes this a really valuable day, well worth the investment. The course is flexible and it was great to be able to share experiences and challenges with like-minded comms pros. I came away buzzing with ideas and excited to implement what I gained from the Strategic Internal Communication Masterclass.

Allison Cary

Head of Internal Communication, Voyage Care

Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

The IC Masterclass was the best professional development session I have been to for internal communications. Rachel has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge and leaves you full of ideas and inspiration. You leave the day with theories, principles, models, real life examples and a fab little goodie bag. I have come back to my office, buzzing with ideas, and I can’t wait to put everything into action and spread the word to my team and colleagues.

Shelby Loasby

University of Hertfordshire

Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

The Masterclass was extremely useful and inspiring! I went home with lots of ideas and I will certainly use all the tips that Rachel has given us! Thank you Rachel, for your enthusiasm and sharing all your stories and experience.

Carla Yperlaan

Greystar Europe Holdings Ltd

Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

Through this Momentum Masterclass, Rachel creates a totally confidential yet honest environment to explore our individual business opportunities and proposition. Her insight, gleaned from her years in the business, and the advice from others was invaluable and I left with a head full of ideas and a notebook full of actions. Thank you Rachel!

Ceri Aiken

Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

Rachel’s knowledge and passion for internal comms is brilliant and extremely infectious, I left the masterclass with a renewed love for what I do. Having always worked in the public sector, I’ve attended training and networking in the past where the trainers and facilitators have no idea about the pressures of working in a communications team which has no budget, or very limited one at best. Rachel had a wealth of knowledge which is applicable to all sectors which is both engaging and encouraging. Thank you, I hope to attend more of Rachel’s classes in the future.

Kelly Cadman

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

I can highly recommend this Exploration Masterclass. Going solo is a big step and slightly scary. Spending some time with Rachel really helped me to get my head in the right place to take the first steps towards becoming an independent practitioner.

Martin Flegg

Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

This class is a must for anyone working in internal comms that needs some support, is finding their organisation isn’t realising the need for effective internal comms or if you need a refresher and inspiration. Highly recommended.

Helen Sadler


Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

This course provides relevant practical insights and Rachel is a lovely trainer, also giving participants a chance to discuss their very own challenges and ideas. Thank you for a really interesting and beneficial day!

Eva Gotthardt


Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

Already using tools from yesterday’s Internal Comms Masterclass! At a meeting I used “what do you want people to do/say/think/feel as a result of this campaign?” and not only did it provide an excellent structure, it made me feel much more confident and in control.

Claire Bridge


Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

Rachel’s Mastermind class gives you a rare opportunity to define and dig into your biggest IC challenge, in a safe space, with other experienced IC professionals. It allows you to delve deep into the issue, understand the reasons behind it, and come away with practical ideas and tangible actions that you can use to move forward. The day will give you the space to support you but also you will meet others who you will get to know and you can support them. I highly recommend it. New friends, a lovely space, time to grow, great ideas and some lovely tools and treats to take away as well. What’s not to love.

Jess Noble


Masterclass and Mastermind feedback

Entirely credible, completely practical and delivered with utter loveliness, Rachel’s Change Comms Masterclass is a must for anyone embarking on supporting with communication through change in their business. I’ve left with some great tools, know how from real-life, real-world experience and inspiration to get cracking. Thanks so much!

Angela Mannion

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