Where are all the other IC pros?

How many internal communication professionals do you know? If you’re one yourself, how many people do you have in  your professional network?

Where did you connect with them? – places you’ve worked? social media – such as networks like @theICcrowd I co-founded, or perhaps via membership associations?

This reason I’m asking is because someone left a comment on my blog this week that got me thinking.

Jody McIntyre works at the Department of Health in Wisconsin Department of Health Services in the US.

I know from my blog’s stats and podcast figures that a lot of my readers are based over the pond – hello if that’s you, thank you for stopping by.

She commented on the model I shared on skills and competencies to build your internal communication team saying:

“Hi there – I just wanted to say I really enjoy this blog. It’s lonely being in IC, at least it feels that way in the U.S”

Bless you Jody!

Rachel Miller Neal SchafferIt got me thinking about a conversation I had with Neal Schaffer (pictured) when he was visiting the UK a few months back. We met up in a rather noisy pub in London while watching the Rugby and talked about all things comms.

He asked me my thoughts on internal communication in America and whose blogs I enjoy reading.

To be honest, I struggled. There are a few websites and people whose work I have read for years, particularly Ragan Communications, Shel Holtz @shelholtz, Steve Crescenzo @crescenzo and Jim Ylisea @jpyjr.

However, I couldn’t complete a top 10 list or something like that because there would be a lot of gaps! The ace Scott Monty @scottmonty, now ex-Head of Social Media at Ford, is always top of mind for me when thinking about comms figures.

I also enjoy reading and listening to Chicago-based Gini Dietrich @ginidietrich, who also podcasts on the FIR podcast network alongside Joseph Thornley and Martin Waxman. I recently read her new book Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age – which reminds me, I must write up the review!

Who do you recommend?

I asked via Google+ for people to suggest internal communicators across the pond that they enjoy reading about and from.

Thanks to Mike Klein for suggesting Chuck Gose, Angelo Iofredda and Sean Williams.

Chuck Gose I had the pleasure of meeting Chuck @chuckgose when he came over to London for a Melcrum conference last year – and we were amused by our enormous height difference – see the pic! One of my fellow The IC Crowd co-founders, Dana Leeson @danaleeson is on the left of the shot.

I’ve also read Ohio-based Sean’s work for a few years now and really enjoy it. You can find him on Twitter @commAMMO. I will be checking out Angelo, thanks again Mike for the recommendation.

So seeing as I have a lot of readers from the US and Canada, I’ll open the floor to you – who should us Brits be reading about?

Who are the internal communicators who speak at your conferences? Whose blogs should I add to my blogroll? I already have the excellent PR Conversations, which regularly highlights the global comms community.

Where are the lists of American and Canadian based comms pros to follow on Twitter? These must exist, I can’t be the first person to ask about them – please do let me know.

You’re welcome to comment below or Tweet me @AllthingsIC.

P.s. If you are an IC pro who is attending The IC Crowd’s #thebigyak unconference in London on 28 June, our dedicated website is now live to give you all the info you need to know.

There will be between 150-200 internal communication professionals from a wide range of companies spanning public, private and charities. You’re all very welcome and we’re looking forward to seeing you.

If you’re not attending in person, you can follow the conversations via Twitter #thebigyak or @theICcrowd.

Post author: Rachel Miller.

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