Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for the comms pro who has everything? You’re in the right place.

I’ve put my thinking cap on and rounded up some suggestions – from a whole book on a page to a grammatically correct mug, this article will get you organised and hopefully earn you some brownie points.

You could of course stick to the red roses and chocolates combination, and that may be a safer option, but if you fancy buying something a bit different, here are some products to get you thinking.

Not planning a Valentine’s gift? Bookmark this article for Secret Santa.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 ideas (in no particular order) of what to get that special someone in celebration of all things internal communication and social media related.

Have you bought any of these items? What do you think of them? Got a novel one of your own to add? As ever you’re welcome to Tweet me @AllthingsIC or comment below.



gifts_11) For your Tweet-heart

Does your Valentine love to Tweet? Why not give them a Twitter logo cushion – so they can do so in comfort. Only £10.94 each.

There are lots available online including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube cushions too.

2) Don’t be a mug

I love this mug. If they are a grammar geek (and most comms pros are!), then why not get them a brand spanking new mug in recognition of the fact?

This one is ace and states I’m silently correcting your grammar. It’s a snip too at only £7.99.

3) This more your bag?

If they have lots of mugs already, why not consider this tote bag which also states I’m silently correcting your grammar.

It’s £8.99 – and you could use it to put something a bit more romantic inside like a bunch of flowers, box of chocolates or something else from this list.

4) Stylish jottings

This Moleskin travel journal is a stunner and seamlessly blends digital and print as it contains sections to jot down thoughts for social media updates, plus it has a fab selection of stickers too. It’s £15.10 and as it’s a travel journal, use it to plan a romantic trip away together.

5) A little bird told me

If the Moleskin notepad above is a bit out of your budget, why not snap up this ideas for Tweets notepad, which is only £6.50. You could make it more romantic by writing sweet nothings for your intended – in 140 characters of course.

6) Don’t get in a lather

These have been around for a while – why not buy a social network shower curtain and create your own updates? It costs £10.99 and are for the comms pro who has everything.

7) Magnetic personality

Not the most romantic of gifts, but a stylish one. If your Valentine is a fan of letterpress, check out these letterpress fridge magnets. They’re £8.31 and you could even use them to propose…

8) Cast a spell…

Looking for something to treat the tech-savvy? Check out the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It’s a nifty piece of kit – and looks more generous than its £34.99 price tag.

9) Give the ultimate romantic story

JulietI love Spineless Classics and have bought them as gifts for friends and family.

From War and Peace to the Bible, they put the whole text of a book onto a page (honestly!). Why not give Romeo and Juliet for £25.59?

They do a whole range including Peter Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland, or if you fancy channeling James Bond into your Valentine’s gift, see Casino Royale for £39.95.

10) Animal lovers

If you’re looking to buy something slightly different, why not consider turning butterflies in your tummy into real ones by visiting the Butterfly Paradise at London Zoo? (Disclosure: ZSL are a client of mine).

If a visit isn’t practical, you could adopt them an animal for £35 to help the charity benefit from your romantic gesture. Options include Ricky the Rockhopper penguin, Thug the Pygmy Hippo and Harri the Otter.

11) The safe bet

Or – bonus option – you could play it safe and opt for a bottle of Bollinger Champagne Rose for £24.80, Calvin boxers from £17 or Jimmy Choo perfume from £20.

Please note: Item links take you to Amazon. All Things IC is not responsible the accuracy of the listings or availability of items.

Whatever you decide to get, I hope you’ve enjoyed this piece, do let me know if you take up my suggestions.


First published on All Things IC blog 8 February 2015.

Post author: Rachel Miller

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