Why well-being matters for employee engagement

What is the role of well-being when it comes to employee engagement?

What links are there between between employee engagement, well-being and organisational performance?

How do the drivers of well-being provide, enable and enhance the drivers of engagement?

employee engagementRegular readers of my blog will know that I’ve written about employee engagement many times and am a supporter and part of social media guru group of Engage for Success @engage4success.

I’ve included links at the foot of this article so you can read other articles I’ve published on the topic of employee engagement and the Task Force.

(Tip: If you’re interested in all things employee engagement related, see the hashtag #e4s on Twitter as people who are interested in the topic, me included, mark Tweets with it to share content).

What is well-being?

Well-being means feeling good and functioning well. Employee’s psychological well-being is a cause for success, not just an output from it.

Employee well-being leads to better performance and can be a source of competitive advantage, innovation and growth.

It is also growing in importance for attracting talent to organisations.

Increasing employee well-being not only helps people work better, but live longer and happier lives – what’s not to like!

Well-being is about minds as well as bodies. Organisations typically understand and are doing more about about physical rather than psychological well-being.

We know that stress is the highest cause of absenteeism in companies.

Engaged employees with high well-being are 35% more attached to the organisation than those with lower well-being.

Does this fit with your experience? Does your company tackle well-being head on and have an approach that works? You’re welcome to comment below or Tweet me @AllthingsIC with your thoughts.

A brand new SlideShare has just been published by Engage for Success which is packed full of resources on all things employee engagement and well-being related. It’s the place where all the statements above come from (backed up by the original sources so you can read more detail).

So if you are interested in this topic, you’re in the right place to find out more. You can see it below and via this link.

Free radio show on employee engagement

Did you know every Monday you can hear a radio show from Engage for Success free online?

There’s a listen again feature if you miss a show the first time around and I recommend checking out the archive to hear shows on a whole range of topics relating to communication, engagement and organisational performance.

Talking about well-being

This week’s show features Wendy Cartwright, @wendyhall2012, Task Force member and Former HR Director of the Olympic Delivery Authority – the public body responsible for developing and building the new venues and infrastructure for London 2012.

Prior to that, she held senior HR roles in central government, financial services, energy and retail sectors. Wendy has a Masters degree in Employment Strategy and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development, CIPD. She also chairs the Advisory Board of Global Diversity Practice and is a lead UK member of the European HRD Circle.

In August 2013, Engage for Success formed a subgroup looking at the links between wellbeing and engagement, and Wendy is Chair of that group. A call for evidence was launched with the E4S Guru community and via the E4S website.

Since then, the Wellbeing subgroup has been busy reviewing the case studies and research papers provided in the call for evidence. In the radio show you can hear Wendy discussing the findings so far from the evidence collected and the questions that still remain to be answered.

If you would like to get in touch with her or the group to share information you think other people would be interested in reading, you can contact her via LinkedIn.

You can listen to the radio show below or online.

Further reading on employee engagement via my blog:

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If you’re interested in organisational culture, check out the second Culturevist event – tickets (free) just went on sale yesterday. You can read about the first one via my blog.

FIRYou can also hear the founder, Matthew Partovi talking about Culturevist and the importance of organisational culture in my brand new FIR presents All Things IC with Rachel Miller podcast that went live yesterday.

Post author: Rachel Miller.

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