What IC practitioners have been struggling with this year

How has your year been? What are you struggling with work wise?

I frequently ask my clients and Masterclass attendees what they’re struggling with. I posed this question in my recent monthly newsletter, The Water Cooler, in the form of a short survey. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Rather than write a typical 2020 predictions article, I’m going to look back on this year and share some insights from your peers. I offered practitioners the option to be anonymous if they wished.

I’ve also linked to a free 2020 planner at the end of this article to help you get a head start on next year.

Ready? Let’s dive in.


What IC practitioners have been struggling with this year

Communicating the value of communications – Melanie Gibbons, Owner at Elm Communications, based in Australia.

Does that ring true for you? This anonymous comment is along a similar line…
Getting the business to understand that for an initiative/campaign/project/change programme to be successful you need to involve your people – and internal communication! 

How have you been getting your business to understand the need to involve your Comms team and people this year?

Understanding of communications, it’s a discipline everyone thinks they know better – Joanna Goodwin @joannagoodwin3

There it is again, perhaps this is a blog post I should create next year. What do you think?

If you’re struggling with this too, keep this in mind…


I often find there is confusion about the language we use in internal communication, so a great starting point is to define and clarify what you mean when you say internal communication and internal communications in your organisation. Do your stakeholders know the difference? Do you speak about it consistently as a team?

Further reading on the All Things IC blog: How to change conversations about internal communication.

A quality leader in communications.

Does this resonate with you? What is your boss like? Are your leaders good communicators? How are you going to help them improve in 2020?

Cutting through the noise, simplifying comms and the channels landscape (currently a bit of a wild garden!). – Simon Monger, Internal Communications and Engagement Specialist @SimonMonger

What would your answer be? What has been dominating your thoughts and energy work wise this year? Does it look set to resolve in 2020 or does it need more attention?

I offer Consultation Calls to help IC practitioners problem solve, you can explore the options here.

What trend from 2019 looks set to stay in 2020?

How to engage those hard-to-reach remote workers – Simon Monger, Internal Communications and Engagement Specialist @SimonMonger

Do you have remote workers in your company? If so, check out this blog post I published earlier this year featuring research by my friend Jenni Field: How to communicate with remote workers.

The “narrative” – everyone wants one but no one really knows what it is. Melanie Gibbons, Owner at Elm Communications, based in Australia.

Further reading via the All Things IC blog: Using a strategic narrative – what it is and how to use one.
More engagement, less dissemination
There’s no escaping it!
Email, we try to avoid it, but it’s the best channel for our people. As a team we’re trying to encourage people to use it to ask questions, we’re slowly getting there.
There it is again.
The trend for apps seems to be back. Everyone is talking about them at conferences. 
Yes! I’ve heard this too. When a client tells me: “We need an app” I always want to know what business problem they’re trying to solve, that has led them to conclude an app is the answer. Sometimes it is, but my concern is when it’s merely another broadcast/push mechanism, rather than two-way channel and mechanism to hear employees’ voices. I want to see how apps fit into a wider channels mix, I also want to know if they are replacing a channel or merely adding to the noise.

Looking ahead to 2020

How are your plans shaping up for next year? Readers of my monthly newsletter, The Water Cooler and Comms practitioners in my Masterclass and Mastermind alumni groups on LinkedIn, will know I’ve been sharing a 2020 planner.

Would you like your own copy? You can access it here.

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Thank you to everyone who has chosen to work with me this year and to all my Masterclass attendees and guest writers.

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

Thank you for stopping by,


First published on the All Things IC blog 20 December 2019.


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