What podcasts exist for Comms and PR pros?

Do you listen to podcasts? I regularly receive queries asking for recommendations and I feature them in my monthly email newsletter, The Water Cooler.

So to coincide with the release of my latest podcast interview, I thought I’d share some resources with you.

My daily routine includes listening to at least one podcast, as I need sound while I work. I’m listening to Michelle Obama’s latest podcast as I type this.

You’ll find a list of recommended IC and Comms podcasts in this article.

Do you have any others to add? Feel free to comment.

Having been asked twice in the past week whether I’m planning to launch my own, the answer is no. Never say never, but I had my own All Things IC podcast back in 2013/4 as part of the FIR podcast network.

I stopped it when I was about to have my twin sons, and now enjoy being a guest on shows.

2021 update: I wrote never say never… I’ve just relaunched my own podcast. You can find the Candid Comms podcast on your favourite player including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotifyand Podbean.

Candid Comms Podcast

My go-to expert on all things podcasting related is Debbie West and I love listening to her Be a Bigger Fish podcast.

Companies are increasingly using podcasts for internal communication, including LEGO, Tata Steel, Deloitte and many more.

What I listen to

I listen to a lot of podcasts, including comedies. I also love inspirational ones like Holly Tucker’s Conversations of Inspiration and Unlocking Us by Brené Brown. I also listen a whole screen-worth of entrepreneurial and Marketing podcasts like Jay Baer, Amy Porterfield, HBR Women at Work, Chris Ducker, Neal Schaffer, Mark Schaefer, Jess Lorimer and Janet Murray.

But I’ve focused on Comms and PR for you today.

My latest podcast interview

What skills do you need if you’re starting out in internal communication? What role should our leaders be playing during COVID-19 and what does the word pivot make me think of?

These topics formed part of my conversation with PR professional Laura Sutherland as part of her podcast.

The episode has just been released and I’ve shared insights on all these areas and much more. I’ve also revealed the reality of running a business in 2020 and why investing in my mental health has been vital.

Thank you to Laura for inviting me onto the show. You can access it wherever you listen to podcasts by searching People Buy People, listen via podbeanvia her website or via the player below.

If you would like to invite me to be a guest on your show, please see my Press page and get in touch.

Internal Comms and PR podcasts

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to podcasts about Comms and PR.

There are lots of Internal Comms and PR podcasts to choose from and many new ones launching at the moment. I spotted the Institute of Internal Communication is planning to launch one this month.

Here are some for you to explore…

Further reading about podcasts

Listen to some of my podcast interviews

Building a business case for investment – Culture, Comms & Cocktails, 30 June 2020.

The Internal Comms Podcast by Katie Macaulay, AB.
How to thrive in ICpart one, published 2019 + How to thrive in IC part two, published 2020.
How to tell people they are being made redundant – by Eleanor Tweddell, published 2020.
Rachel Miller
Internal Miscommunications – by Erica Goodwin and Keith Riley Published 2020.
The changing role of internal communication by Contact Monkey.
New Influence podcast by Ste Davies.
Media Will Eat itself podcast by Shaun Weston
Rachel Miller
Internal Comms Procast by Cirkl: How to communicate changes big and small.
Digital Download – by Paul Sutton. The impact of digital on internal communication.
I hope you’ve discovered something new as a result of this article.

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Thank you for stopping by,
Post author: Rachel Miller
First published on the All Things IC blog 12 October 2020.


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