What’s it like to learn about internal comms online?

How do you prefer to learn about internal communication?

Within the world of internal communication we are spoilt for choice. If I take All Things IC as an example, we offer 1500 blog posts and 26 Candid Comms podcast episodes to help you learn for free.

What is it like to learn about internal communication online?

A year ago we launched All Things IC Online Masterclasses on their own dedicated website. Through this article I’m going to share some insights into learning online and answer some of your most popular questions.

Are you curious about studying internal communication online?

If you’re thinking about signing up to an Online Masterclass, you’re in great company. To date, there’s been 1700 learners and 2800 enrolments on the site, as some of your peers study more than one course.

Internal communicators tell us they’ve transformed their work as a result of investing time in their professional development. They’ve noticed the difference in their confidence and their stakeholders have too.

Don’t forget our promotion is running until the end of September 2021. Use the code summersaver at the checkout to save 15% off any All Things IC Online Masterclass. 

Congratulations to everyone who has enrolled in an Online Masterclass over the past year. It’s wonderful to hear how you’ve been increasing your skills, knowledge and confidence.

I love reading feedback from internal communicators and discovering how the Masterclasses are helping you make decisions.

See the Online Masterclasses website to discover the latest courses, including:

Don’t forget our promotion is running until the end of September 2021. Use the code summersaver at the checkout to save 15% off any All Things IC Online Masterclass. 

See the website to explore the options and enrol today.

All Things IC Masterclass testimonial by Rebecca English-Williams

All Things IC testimonial Michelle Saunders

What’s the history of Masterclasses at All Things IC?

It’s 12 months since All Things IC Online Masterclasses went live on their own dedicated website, in July 2020.

I’d been teaching Comms face-to-face since 2016 and created a range of in-person courses. I loved meeting face-to-face at various training centres across London.

Wallacespace in Covent Garden, and then St Pancras, London, became my second homes. Hundreds of IC practitioners from around the globe passed through their doors to increase their skills, knowledge and confidence with All Things IC.

When did you start teaching online?

I received numerous queries asking if there was an alternative option if people were unable to travel or couldn’t make the date. The short answer was no.

So back in 2017/8 I started researching creating Online Masterclasses, where content could be accessed remotely by Comms pros and be there when you need it.

In the meantime, I taught scores of Comms pros via video calls and remote Masterclasses. These are live sessions 1-2-1 or in groups and we continue offering these sessions today.

I absorbed myself in the world of online learning, took courses myself and got to grips with this new style of communication.

I enlisted the help of Comms Consultant and Learning & Development expert Debbie West. Together we developed ideas and content in 2019, with a view to launching in the future.

I spoke about them on Katie Macaulay’s The Internal Comms podcast at the start of March 2020 and described how I was creating opportunities to support IC pros who couldn’t travel to London to learn in person.

I opened my training centre, The All Things IC Hub, in January 2020. I welcomed Comms professionals to my monthly Masterclasses, team days and Comms Director Masterminds.

When COVID struck in 2020, I had to close the doors and and pause my face-to-face Masterclasses after only eight weeks.

During lockdown we’ve taught bespoke virtual Masterclasses for companies including Apple, Aon, British Business Bank, Entain, Innocent, King, KP Snacks, LEGO, NHS, Renewi, The Law Society, University College London and Vodafone.

The All Things IC Online Masterclasses website went live in July 2020.

How does teaching online differ and what are the benefits?

We’ve all had to make so many adjustments to the way we communicate, and I’m also in the same boat. I now teach virtual Masterclasses via Teams, have a range of Online Masterclass and I’m taking bookings for in-person sessions at the All Things IC Hub from Autumn 2021.

Teaching online is very different to being together in-person, as I’m sure you’re aware!

Feedback from Internal Communicators shows you like being able to work through the online content at your own pace. You can fit it around your role or job hunting, and choose when to log in.

There are numerous benefits to Online Masterclasses. They work well for people with reflective learning styles and because you have a year’s access, you can go back to key chapters when situations arise.

There are no live lessons, which means you can take the course at your own speed. There are various courses available, and they vary in length.

How long does it take to complete an Online Masterclass?

From looking at our analytics, we can see it takes learners on average 36 days to complete a course. This is because they are dipping in and out and studying for a few hours at a time.

Whereas other people complete them within a day or so by setting time aside to learn intensively. The choice is yours.

Most of the In-depth courses can be completed within a day or day-and-a-half. The time it takes you to complete a course depends on your learning style and knowledge of the subject matter.

As the Masterclasses are online, there’s no travel and no waiting. Pre-recorded content means the barriers of travel and time zones are eradicated.

When you enrol, you have 365 days to complete the course.

What does an All Things IC Online Masterclass look like?

After researching the market, I decided to use Thinkific for All Things IC’s Online Masterclasses. The platform is designed to support online learning and is super easy to use as a learner.

I took a few courses myself on the platform and various others, and decided Thinkific would work well for us.

See the video below or via my YouTube channel to see what one of our courses looks like.

What’s inside the courses?

Each Online Masterclass has its own dedicated landing page. It includes an overview of that course’s curriculum and testimonials from your peers who have completed the course.

Every Online Masterclass is jargon-free and guides you through the subject matter. Courses are structured into chapters, and each lesson builds on the one before. They are full of workbooks, videos, text lessons, surveys and quizzes.

As an example, the latest course is How to be a strategic internal communicator. As a result of taking this course, you will be able to tick the following items off your to do list:

  • write an internal communication vision for my team and/or organisation
  • create a meaningful definition of strategic internal communication
  • create my strategic internal communication masterplan
  • research creating an effective internal communication team
  • prompts to encourage leaders to be better communicators
  • know what my personal brand is and how to apply it
  • prove the value of internal communication in my company
  • research listening and why it matters for organisations
  • summary of my IC skills, strengths and weaknesses
  • spend time investing in my own professional development.

To Do list

There are 115 videos across all the Online Masterclasses. They’ve been played 5,326 times so far, which is 131 hours of videos!

As a result of completing a Masterclass, you’ll end up with your own tailored set of notes, to help you make decisions about IC in your organisation and inform your next steps.

Captions are available on every video, they are set to be on automatically when you play a video, and you can turn them off if required.

Testimonial from Chantel Dixon

Adam Driver

Why are there quizzes and surveys inside the courses?

The reason there are quizzes and surveys inside All Things IC Online Masterclasses is because they help reinforce the learning.

We’ve created them to help you capture what you’ve learnt already, identify what you need to go back over again and check for understanding.

Can I earn CPD and how can I prove I’ve done the course?

Yes, if you are a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), you can earn Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points by completing an All Things IC Masterclass.

There is a Big Quiz at the end of all the Online Masterclasses, which means you can download a completion badge.

This week we’ve just rolled out completion certificates, which unlock once you’ve completed an Online Masterclass.

What courses are available?

We often get asked which course people should choose. See the decision tree below to help you make your choice.

All Things IC Online Masterclass

See the Online Masterclasses website to discover the latest courses, including:

Don’t forget our promotion is running until the end of September 2021. Use the code summersaver at the checkout to save 15% off any All Things IC Online Masterclass. 

What happens when you sign up?

When you enrol in a course, you will be given immediate access. Most of the courses provide 12 months’ access.

Sometimes we create bespoke courses for companies or agencies, who can choose to have shorter access times for their teams.

Team licenses are available and you can pay via invoice. Contact us with any queries.

How to book a course

Do we get to work together?

There are VIP options available on some of the Masterclasses. This is where you submit an assignment to me for personalised review and comments.

They include:

Some learners also choose to add a Power Hour call to their learning.

I hope this article has been helpful to answer your questions.

Got a query we’ve not covered? Do please get in touch.

Thank you for stopping by,


Post author: Rachel Miller.

First published on the All Things IC blog 11 August 2021.

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