Why I joined the Company of Communicators

On Monday night, Communication Consultant Dan Holden was accepted as a Freeman with the Company of Communicators, alongside three other communication professionals.

The Company is part of the ‘Livery’ within the City of London. It’s made up of trade associations and Guilds, contributing through charitable giving and promoting the profession.

I became a Freeman of the Company of Communicators last year and I’m delighted Dan has too.

He’s written for the blog to share why he joined.

I’ll hand you over…

Photo of Dan signing to become a Freemen at the Company of Communicators event

Why I joined the Company of Communicators

I’ve always believed in professional development and giving back to society, both through my work as a communicator and also as a member of society.

I’ve been involved as a volunteer with the Royal Air Force Air Cadets for 12 years as my time in the cadets when I was at school taught me so many useful skills for later in life.

It’s rewarding to have the opportunity to give back. I’ve been a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) sub-group Inside for about four years now and always enjoy joining events and sharing insights with other members.

I came across the Company of Communicators through another networking group, The Pen and Sword Club.

I was impressed at the ethos of the Company, bringing together the profession’s promotion, supporting charities and helping schools. Seeing the range of work the Company has achieved and the partnerships it’s developed such as with the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) seemed like an amazing opportunity to blend professional development and giving together.

Arriving on Monday evening, I wasn’t sure what to expect nor would I know many, if any at all, faces at the event.

However, in true comms style, everyone was very welcoming, and in the small world that’s communications, I soon started to chat and discover common connections.

Photo of Dan Holden the Company of Communicators outgoing Master, James Gurling

Outgoing Master James Gurling (left) and Dan (right)

For me, charity isn’t just about finances, it’s about using my own lived experiences and supporting others. Whether providing advice, guidance or giving up some time to work on a particular project can be just as valuable, if not more so, in some instances.

I’m very grateful to be working with Rachel, Louise and Caroline at All Things IC, as we’re all about nurturing and helping internal communicators and internal communication teams to shine and have the confidence, skills and knowledge to excel. It’s also wonderful to be part of the Company of Communicators with Rachel who became a Freeman in August 2021.

You can follow the activities of the Company of Communicators on LinkedIn and Twitter @commslivery

Photos used with the permission of Andy Sillett, Sillett Photography.

Post author: Dan Holden

First published on the All Things IC blog 26 October 2022.

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