Why you need to focus on mindset and skill set

What’s on your to do list right now?

For me it’s continuing my recovery from Coronavirus, which blighted my whole family over Christmas.

It wasn’t the restful end of 2020/start of 2021 we had planned! My three children are now doing ok, having picked it up from school, and my husband and I are slowly getting better.

As a result, my friend Jenni Field will be taking my place chairing a panel at the PRWeek Strategic Internal Communications Conference next week. Thank you Jenni.

Don’t forget you can save 10% off tickets for this online event by using my code ALLTHINGSIC10. It’s happening from 14-15 January 2021 online.

See the PRWeek website for full information including speakers and how to book. This is always a highlight of the Comms calendar for me every year.

Further reading: Five takeaways from the 2019 Strategic Internal Comms Conference.

Home schooling kicked in this week as we’re in another national lockdown here in England, so I’m typing this sat next to my children while they are online with their respective classes.

If you’re in a similar situation, I’m sending you virtual strength and cups of tea.

If you’re trying to cover your colleagues so they can be present for their children, thank you. I know it’s not easy for anyone right now and we need to pull together to get through it.

Rachel Miller, All Things IC

Why you need to focus on mindset and skill set

Today I thought I’d share an episode of the You’re my CommsHero podcast with you.

I recorded it just before Christmas with Resource’s Asif Choudry @AsifChoudry and talked about the importance of focusing on our mindset and skill set as internal communicators.

You can listen to our conversation online, below or wherever you listen to podcasts, e.g. Apple Podcasts.

Your mindset is not only how you work and think about internal communication, but also how intentional you are.

Regular readers of my blog and Comms pros who have trained with me will recognise my intentions framework.

These are the questions to ask yourself before you start communicating:

Intention of internal communication

In my conversation with Asif, I talked about the importance of mindset for strategic internal communicators and Comms Consultants.

My business, All Things IC, turns eight years old at the end of this month, and during our conversation I reflected on what I’ve learnt.

We discussed a whole manner of topics during our time together, including:

  • how to plan successful internal communication in 2021 and beyond
  • why values are important for internal communicators
  • what running my own business for eight years has taught me
  • what I wish I knew back in 2013
  • why Comms Consultants need to be comfortable with selling
  • the mindset you need as a Comms Consultant
  • the importance of personal branding.

What’s your skill set like?

If you want to improve your internal communication in 2021 and beyond, you need to invest in your professional development.

There are 1500 free articles on my blog, which will help you discover best practice, learn from your peers and read my recommendations.

Don’t forget if you’ve completed an All Things IC Online Masterclass and are a CIPR member, you can log CPD points.

Find out more about the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) profession map, pictured below, via my blog.

Why mindset and skill set are important for communicators

You can listen to our conversation online, below or wherever you listen to podcasts, e.g. Apple Podcasts.

CommsHero event

Talking of CommsHero, I’m going to speaking at their #CommsHero Week 2021 virtual event later this year. Keep an eye on their website to find out more.

I really enjoyed attending their virtual event a couple of months ago.

CommsHero week 2021


Free 2021 planner

What does the year ahead hold?

Perhaps you’re planning to find a new role, change jobs, start your own consultancy business, deepen your experience in your current role or aim for a promotion?

Whatever you’re plotting, I’m giving you a head start thanks to my 2021 planner.

You can download it for free today. Just complete the form and it will shortly arrive in your inbox.

This is a great opportunity to invest time in yourself and have space and time to think about you.

If you’re not feeling in the mood to do this, that’s ok. It’s here as and when you need it, there’s no pressure.


How to set your professional goals

I find the only way to have any chance of new year goals or aspirations lasting to Easter and beyond is to make them visible, tangible and realistic.

I encourage you to hold yourself to account e.g. making promises to yourself in 30-day increments.

You’ll find the planner prompts you to think like that. I’ve also put in some quotes, space for notes and questions to answer.

Further reading: How to set your professional goals for 2021.

Learn about internal communication with All Things IC

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See the dedicated website to access all the latest courses. They are all packed with bespoke text lessons, videos, workbooks and quizzes to help you learn about the wonderful world of IC at your own pace.

Want to buy courses for your team or need multiple licenses? Do get in touch and let me know what you need. You can also buy bundles of courses.

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Post author: Rachel Miller.

First published on the All Things IC blog 8 January 2021.

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