Csaba settles in


Csaba settles in

Here is the second part of Csaba’s diary…

Before I share the details of my second week at Vodafone Hungary Ltd I must mention the previous one. The views and opinions expressed here – via posts and comments written by me – represent my own and not those of my employer. Last time I only introduced myself so I didn’t feel necessary to do so.

Please allow me to jump back in the time a little because I forgot to talk about an interesting visit, which I took part in it during my first week. Colleagues of mine and I took a look at the Vodafone Operations Centre Hungary (VOCH), which is also located in Budapest. Interesting part is that it has its own individual business structure – its own entity. From this reason my colleagues and I were only guests there so to speak. The internal communications of VOCH is managed by its own employees. We were interested what they have done lately in this field. They showed us the structure of their intranet and we discussed some technical questions also. They informed us that they are planning to use digital signage devices and certain tools for internal communications purposes.

So now onto my second week. As I am still quite new there were a few things to sort out including receiving the basic equipment but also certain software which will be important to manage the intranet efficiently and access inboxes etc. During the introductory training I also received a sneaky peek into the work of different areas.

On Thursday we visited Vodafone regional customer service centre in Miskolc. As I saw their working environment, which is quite nice, I thought that they are hard-to-reach employees. They receive plenty of calls a day so they have less time to read the intranet. So if we want to recreate a user-centred intranet than we definitely should create a sample persona, which is about them.

That’s all for the second week. Of course, I had more things to do but I wanted to highlight the interesting ones here. I welcome your comments, Csaba.


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