You can’t foresee everything


You can’t foresee everything

Csaba continues his diary of an internal communicator at Vodafone in Hungary…

As I mentioned in my previous post we use to shorten the URLs, which we place into the newsletter. After the first time we used it something turned out. Colleagues in the shops, who are dealing with customers do not have access to the internet – or have very limited access. That’s why they were unable to open the shortened URLs. Fortunately, after we were informed about the issue we managed to resolve it within an hour. (I wanted to share this little story to remind you all that there is always something which you can’t foresee.)

Flips are on their way
During a discussion I talked about Flip to my superior and shared with him how they are tiny cameras being used by internal communicators abroad. As it turned out he knew what I was talking about because he pulled out one from his bag. He received it as a gift while he was working for his previous employer so I didn’t need to persuade him to invest into these cameras. Soon we will order them and after that every unit / department will receive one.

Intranet re-brand: Phase 2
Simplicity is among our core corporate values so our intranet needs to be modified too. Technical and design changes were made – simplified colour palette, new icons, buttons and so on. Major changes happened during one weekend so it was interesting to see the new one. I also started to simplify things on the intranet but it’s not as easy as ABC. Tiny tasks – uploading content, overwriting files on the server, changing banners (these are not ads) are time-consuming ones and distract me from planning a new structure, which would serve the colleagues better.

Vodafone Tube
One of my recent tasks has been to create some pages and portlets for images which were made during several company related events in the past. We do not have anything like flickr but at least the image gallery portlets are easy to create and use. I also needed to upload the video clips sp I suggested Vodafone Tube for that purpose. Yes, we have something like YouTube but – of course – it is a far cry from it. I have already uploaded two of our videos – it works great, however that also quite time-consuming to do. I suppose I will work on that project during the following weeks.

I believe these topics from the previous fortnight are quite interesting to share with you all and look forward to hearing any thoughts or comments you may have, Csaba.

Post author: Csaba Szucs


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