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Most of the visitors who reach the All Things IC website are looking for ways to help them do their jobs better.

Whether that’s hiring us for communication consultancy or reading through the 900+ articles on the All Things IC blog, we’re here to help you achieve communication excellence.

So if you want to know how to write an internal communication strategy, get a job in comms or learn new skills, this How To page exists to point you in the right direction. It’s packed full of free resources.

Most of the content has been written by Rachel Miller. If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions of what to include, please contact us as it will be constantly updated. 

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How to learn about internal communication:

How to write an internal communication strategy
How to measure communicationInternal Communication
How to learn about internal communication
How to create an internal comms strategy from scratch
What’s the point of organisational purpose?
How to use apps for internal communication
Where’s internal communication headed in 2016?
How to enter comms awards
How to simplify your intranet
How to conduct an internal comms audit
How Thomas Cook communicated its rebrand internally
How to understand the language of internal communication
Articles tagged internal comms on my blog
How to communicate integrity
List of guest articles featuring internal communication
How to conduct crisis communications (including snow comms)
How Coca-Cola is putting the fizz into its comms
How creativity impacts internal communication
How to master the art of studying internal communication
How to invest in your people (IiP)
How communicators are thinking SMART
How to communicate with students
How to plan and launch an award-winning intranet
How to brew the perfect managers’ conference
How to communicate here, there and everywhere  – mobile working
How to build an internal communication team: competencies and skills
Marry, date or dump? Advice on tone of voice
How communication can save lives
How to counter event fatigue
How to communicate with call centre employees
How to use videos to inspire employees
How to communicate strategy: the Vodafone way 
How will you communicate in 2023?
How to get more value from internal communication

How to write an internal communication strategy:

MasterclassesSign up for an All Things IC Masterclass

Crisis comms:

Crisis comms checklist
Free crisis comms and social media skills guide, podcast and video


Discover the secrets of effective intranets
How to simplify your intranet
5How to plan and launch an award-winning intranet
How to structure your intranet
Articles tagged intranet on All Things IC
A look at intranet innovations
Inspiring intranets are go!

Ugly intranets Pinterest board


How to communicate change:

6Communicating change at the BBC
How to communicate change – a look at the Washington Post
Articles tagged with change on All Things IC blog
How to change behaviour for better business
How Westminster City Council communicated change
Strategy in action – how Vodafone communicates change
How Tfl is communicating 24hr Tube changes internally

How to have a career in internal communication:

8All you need to know to develop your IC career
How to measure communication
Welcome to internal communication: a guide for you if you’re just starting out
How to explain comms to a toddler
How to find your next comms role
How to advertise your comms role
What events are on for comms pros to attend? – See the comms calendar
How comedy can prepare you for internal communication
How the history of IC can be traced back to the 1920s
How to master communication through education


How to use social media:

3How many social media platforms do you know?
How the BBC defines its social media policy
How to use Pinterest for internal communication

A guide to Twitter for comms pros
How to use Google Analytics
How to achieve social media strategy success
Read 160+ social media policies
Your top 15 questions on social media and the law… answered

How to use Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs):

4How to choose – see who is using what for internal social media
Read everything I’ve published to date about using Yammer
Why invest in an enterprise social network?
What do comms pros think of enterprise social networks?
How to understand collaboration: my research into language use
What’s in a name? Discover how companies are using enterprise social networks
How Gatwick Airport Uses Yammer
How Aviva Investors Use Yammer
Five skills that can make or break your ESN
Community Management basics for IC pros

How to understand social business

The state and evolution of social business in 2013
Defining social business 
Attenzi: a social business story

How to read about internal communication:

9There are numerous books about IC on the market. Rachel has contributed to and been featured in a number of them:

Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals (Wiley, 2012)
Share This Too: More Social Media Solutions for PR Professionals
 (Wiley, 2013)
Maximize Your Social: A One-Stop Guide to Building a Social Media Strategy for Marketing and Business Success (Wiley 2013)
Brand Vandals: Reputation Wreckers and How to Build Better Defences: Corporate Reputation Risk and Response (Bloomsbury 2013)

Further reading:
Your Summer reading list.. sorted

Since 2009 Rachel has published recommended reading lists via her blog:

Recommended books for comms pros (2014)
2013: Internal comms and social media books (2)
2013: Recommended comms and social media books

2012: Recommended comms and social media books
New reads for internal communications 2011
Internal comms must reads
Internal comms and social media list – created 2009.

How to understand Employee Engagement:

2Why well-being matters for employee engagement
How to engage people with disabilities
Engaging for success in Italy
Employee engagement and social media
BlogTalkRadio – weekly radio show,
How to engage for success
Milan social media week: Italy gets engaged
Engaging workplaces for a sustainable future
The Sunday night blues.
How to engage people with disabilities 

How to blog:

How to blog – what six years of blogging has taught me
How to blog – is the business of blogging worth it?

First published 11 April 2015.

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