How to review and plan your 2021-2022 internal comms

Are you in planning mode for your 2022 internal communication?

Do you need to review what you’ve done in 2021?

Would you like to know how to set your professional goals for the year ahead?

If so, we’ve got you covered, with the launch of a brand new All Things IC Online Masterclass.

How to review and plan your 2021-2022 internal comms has just gone live today.

Team Teal has been working hard to create this brand new course, which is available now. My thanks to Debbie West for all your efforts and energies and to Caroline King and Louise Mackenney for supporting us.

How to review 2021 and plan 2022

We created a lighter version of the course in 2020, which had 30 lessons to support Comms pros at the end of a tough year. I’m thrilled to say it’s now back, and based on your feedback it’s even bigger and better.

This How to review your 2021-2022 Internal Comms Online Masterclass contains seven brand new videos across 44 lessons, which feature nine workbooks, quizzes and surveys.

Your investment is £299 and Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) members can earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for completing this course.

This course will save you a lot of time! We’ve done the thinking for you and created a structure to guide you through as you review and plan.

I invited All Things IC Comms Consultant Debbie West to lead this Online Masterclass and she’s here to share the thinking behind the course, what you can expect and what you need to know.

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Rachel: Debbie you’ve worked so hard on this course, what do Comms pros need to know about it?

Debbie: Thank you for asking me to tutor on this year’s planning and review course. It was such good fun making the videos and thinking of new ways to approach the topics in the course. I’m so happy to see the course come together as a collaborative team effort.

It was clear from the feedback received on last year’s course that this was something internal communicators found incredibly helpful. It made us determined to provide an updated version of the course and to build in some of the additional elements we thought would make it even more valuable.

Rachel: What is different about this year’s course?

Debbie: I know working intentionally has been a big topic for you this year and one you’ve spoken about publicly. For example as a keynote speaker at the Public Relations Society of America’s Employee Communication’s section conference in August 2021.

I thought it was a great idea to add some additional lessons into the chapter on intentions, to help communicators focus more on the ‘why’ of their internal communication and plan their professional goals.


Behind the scenes of filming the How to review and plan your 2021-2022 Internal Comms Online Masterclass. L-R: Debbie West and Rachel Miller.

Rachel: Can you tell us more about the content of the course?

Debbie: As with all our All Things IC Online Masterclasses, it contains text lessons, quizzes, surveys, videos and workbooks.

I know how important accessibility is to you Rachel when it comes to videos, so the videos in this course all come with captions as standard, which is something we’ve applied across the whole range of available Online Masterclasses. We’ve also added ALT text to all the images as we’re striving to be more mindful of accessibility.

It is a jargon-free course, so whether this is your first or 20th year planning internal communication, you’ll be guided through every step of the way. It will build on your existing knowledge, point you in the right direction and help you make the right decisions for your organisation.

Rachel: How is it structured?

We’ve followed three stages in this year’s course, so there’s a logical process for Comms pros to follow:

The process we'll follow

  1. Reviewing 2021 – looking back at your 2021 work
  2. Refreshing intentions – analysing intentions and spotting gaps
  3. Planning 2022 – looking ahead and getting organised.

Rachel: How long does the course take to complete?

Debbie: If you did the course in one sitting, allow up to a whole working day. You have 120 days’ access from the date you enrol, so you can take your time and dip in and out as you choose. There are no live lessons, so you can take this course at your own pace.

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Rachel: How does this course prepare IC pros for 2022?

Debbie: I enjoyed taking the time to reflect on some of the main themes and topics that have been occupying the thoughts of the communicators we work with, over the past year.

It resulted in a strong list of topics that are currently being debated in industry podcasts or online, so it’s highly likely those topics will be with us through 2022.

Putting them into lessons in this new course gave us the space to gather the threads together, share our tips and signpost some practical resources for communicators.

They include:

  • hybrid working
  • accessibility
  • diversity and inclusion
  • changing channels.

Rachel: What do learners need to know about planning for 2022?

Debbie: The chapter on planning is much longer this year and includes some additional planning steps as well as a new workbook.

I hope this will make the planning stage even easier and provide the type of structure and process that cuts down thinking time. I imagine a lot of busy professionals will be glad of the support in producing well-considered planning documents in a fraction of the time it would take them on their own.

Workbook-2021 review and planning

Thank you Debbie.

You can enrol and start the course today. See the dedicated landing page of our Online Masterclasses website to find out more and sign up.

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Post authors: Rachel Miller and Debbie West.

First published on the All Things IC blog 20 October 2021.



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